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In this journey, we have witnessed how retail marketing has evolved. One can no longer deny that in today's retail marketing, the shopping behaviour of consumers are no longer linear. Through this revolution, brands have to reposition both their branding and marketing strategies in order to retain their positioning in the industry.
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ActMedia Singapore

ActMedia Singapore is established since 1996. Through the years, ActMedia Singapore has proven themselves to be the leading online-to-offline company in OMG. Today, ActMedia Singapore has partnered with more than 100 brands.

Do you know that there are
7 different segments of millennials?

Google revealed in 2012 that shoppers tend to search for online opinions and reviews, also known as ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth), before making a decision in trying a new product. To effectively connect to the right segment of millennials, brands have to specifically target shoppers instead of using a broad (one size fits all) communication. That being said, this not only sharpens but also maximises your marketing investments by relating and resonating with shoppers; leading to a continuous cycle of passing information - Ultimate Moment of Truth (UMOT).

In 2017, Marketing Dive further confirmed that approximately 74% Millennials and 57% across generations tend to have 1 or 2 brands at their top-of-mind even before purchasing. In order to sustain top-of-mind, it is important for brands to constantly resonate with the shoppers instead of just presenting facts. This in turn, put brands in a favourable light, connecting to the brand instead of the competition.

Let us help you in strategising your brand message to the right segment group