Marketing Calendar of Year 2020

by Laura Wong | May 21,2020

With this pandemic, most companies have witnessed their intricately planned out 2020 marketing calendar thrown out the window. This comes as no surprise as nobody could have been able to see this coming, at such a global scale even. For the past months, the world economy had might as well been in a standstill, as businesses of every size are in a state of understandable anxiety. Now that reopening has commenced gradually, we want to explore the endless possibilities of marketing initiatives for the remaining of 2020 with you, including when and where to amplify those efforts.


July is just a few days away. While several more essential businesses have resumed operations, many of us are still WFH. During this time, the consumer market becomes more competitive with restaurants reopening again. Haidilao is flocked with hotpot lovers. Home cooking becomes less regular, grocery shopping reduced, competition stiffens.

Hari Raya Haji falls on 30 July this year. Items such as red-dates, packaged drinks, fresh produce, and frozen foods are very popular.


Singaporean's most patriotic month! Unfortunately, the National Day Parade will not be held at the central location of Marina Bay floating platform like past years. Instead, Singaporeans are still welcomed to celebrate at home through live-streaming.

It is important to understand consumer behaviour and do anticipate that snacks, packaged and alcoholic drinks, and frozen foods to come hand-in-hand with the live-streaming session. Brands may step up marketing efforts during this time as spirits are high and people are getting used to the "new norm".


As Singapore's updated school holiday calendar for 2020 falls between 5 to 13 September, which may see more frequent visits to stores and shopping malls. Teacher's Day also falls in the same month, where students show their appreciation to their respected educators with gifts.

Continuous marketing initiatives can be implemented to raise brand awareness and instill brand loyalty. Competitors arose during the Circuit Breaker period might have taken up a portion of market share. This could be the time to increase brand visibility through both online and offline platforms.


While brands may consider October as a lull period before the big year end bonanza, do consider the idea of a "pre-game". Brands can implement enhanced marketing efforts to remain top-of-mind and intensify the big hurrah of the end-of-year sale.

Although Halloween is not as popular a holiday in Singapore as it is in other countries, we would still have our share of fun and games. Chocolates and candies are definitely a hit during this season.


November is arguably one of the best months of the year. The year coming to an end (2020 needs to be better or be over), the anticipation for Christmas, and the time for hot deals and major discounts!

During Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate, many food is bought during this special holiday. As for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this spells competition for brands and it could even lead to a price war. Therefore, to remain competitive during this period, your brand must stand out, and shine, bright.

As such sales events are usually conducted online, online advertising is a must. While at that, offline marketing could further complement your online marketing initiatives, boosting sales.


Christmas! A time of giving and hopefully, a lot of receiving. Christmas is celebrated with family. Hence, a lot of money is spent during this holiday. In fact, many retailers make the majority of their year’s revenues in December alone.

Needless to say, the end-of-year sale usually continues until year end and with consumers doing last minute shopping for their loved ones, this is the time where consumers spend most. Brands are often aware of this behaviour and would slash their prices to attract consumers. Of course, this increases competitiveness amongst brands, which makes full-fledged marketing initiatives so crucial.