Brand Marketing & Advertising Strategies in the Midst of COVID-19

Understanding Public Sentiment & Behaviour

by Laura Wong | May 21,2020

Who knew, a microscopic virus invisible to the naked eye could change the way the whole world function to such an enormous extends? Not only has it impacted the entire world and business everywhere, but it has also changed the way human beings operate.

It's a scary world out there. But we know what to do!

Worried Public

The onset of uncertainties is causing many to feel insecure and anxious. This could very well be the reason for stockpiling.

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The Financial Crunch

Many people are facing financial issues. If you're lucky, you get a mere pay cut; for some, retrenchment is a reality. Certain industries have been hit so hard that many are out of jobs.

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Bare Necessities

We have done our homework, spoken with the Store Managers of multiple stores from FairPrice, U Stars Supermarket and Fortune Supermarket and found that:

Sellable/ Popular Categories includes: Fresh foods, frozen foods, condiments, snacks, canned food

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Hopeful of Better Days Ahead

We can only be hopeful in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Brand loyalty is probably the last of consumers' worries at the moment. Demand for certain goods is subdued, but we might see a spike again when this is over. When is that going to happen? Only time will tell.

How can we help: Whether it is going to be in a few weeks or several months, life still goes on. We can help you prepare for that pent-up interest by building your brand and creating bonds with your community, enhancing your brand awareness and get your ready for the shopping spree to come.

Knowledge that We're All in this Together

The only comforting thought? The entire world in this mess together. The business landscape is changing and the public is awed by what businesses do to help.

How can we help: Awe them! With our offline and online (O2O) solutions, we are ready to tell the world about your brand, and what you have to offer. As businesses are expected to do their part, we want to help you to convey that message.

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